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No need to start a fire when you have a hot babe in the room with you! Here she is completely naked, sitting on a leather chair next to a glass fireplace with no fire. Her legs are bent, her toes are curled and her mouth is slightly opened. Because of this position, we get to peek at her clean shaven pussy and big tit with pink nipple. We also get to appreciate her big, tight and creamy ass. Man her legs looks nice we can even see her pussy lips.  Is that a camel toe? Watch her on video to find out.


Charisma Capelli is a pretty 26 year old American porn model what are agile processes. She was born on June 8, 1986 in Kentucky, USA. Charisma Capelli is a brunette with brown eyes. She is 5 feet 2 inches in height and has the body measurements of 34D-27-32.  Charisma Capelli has three tattoos on her body: a butterfly on her lower back, three blue stars with green outline on her ankle and the words “Daddy’s little girl” on her pubic area.


In 2008, when she was 22 years of age, Charisma Capelli began her career in the adult entertainment industry. During this time, she was features in three adult films in three different categories: busty, MILF and anal. Charisma Capelli has worked for a lot of adult production companies such as Wicked, Penthouse, Playgirl and Vivid. She has also been given the chance to perform with big stars in the adult business such as Tommy Gunn, Brad Armstrong, Holly Sampson, Alektra Blue, Samantha Ryan and Cheyne Collins.

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We already know that this is a busty blonde. But this curvy girl has more assets to show. Here her buttocks come to focus. She is sitting on a brown swivel chair. She is wearing a pair of black bra and panties. What we like about this photo is that our pornstar is sticking her ass out as if calling for some anal fucking and spanking. It sucks that we can’t see the rest of her body but if you are a butt man this is a picture for you.

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This top adult actress is sitting on a black workout bench. The beautiful blonde seems to be overcome by lust with her head raised, facing the ceiling. The blue tank top that she is wearing is hiked up to show off her big tits with cute nipples. Her legs are spread wide apart and she is wearing blue sneakers at the end of her slender legs. Her right hand is busy touching her pussy.


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In this XXX movie we get a lovely blonde girl with her mouth opened wide. She seems to be kneeling on the floor with a guy in jeans in front of her. The guy’s jeans are open and his hard cock is sticking out. She is holding the thick cock with large veins on her right hand and jacks it off. She has her mouth open ready for a face of cum.  This looks like the kind of cock that can shoot off a big load and he has found the right girl for the job.  It looks like they are in a bathroom with expensive tile on the floor and walls.


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The girl this blog is all about is inside a room with lots of posters and Sex a stripper pole. Her arms are up with her hands touching the pole. Usually To you expect to find a stripper pole in a strip club or inside an aerobics gym designed for strip aerobics. She is posed with her back on the pole, wearing a pair of black bra and panties with white lace trim. She has flawless skin, dark eye make-up and Acting luscious pink lips.


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